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The collections process benefits from more than 50 years of experience with outstanding payments. The whole workflow was constantly improved to include all actual legal changes and also the latest juridical developments that can benefit the clients all over the world.
The english speaking lawyers can assist the creditors in all legal and court matters in Germany, especially in the area of debt collection and transportation law as well as in all areas of German civil law. In addition the field of international trading law is important for the clients.
The German law firm acts as a debt recovery agency in the field of collecting outstanding debts in the German territory. The members of the law firm can act at every local court in Germany. For over 50 years they worked for international and foreign companies in the area of claim management and debt collection for European export credit insurance companies. Therefore the lawyers in Germany are familiar with all kinds of unpaid or outstanding invoices in Germany including the collection proceedings of bad debts.
The lawyers office in Germany combines debt collection proceedings (as a debt collection agency) with later court proceedings.
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