Romania, Transylvania

Romania, your travel destination

The best option if you want to spend your time in nature and fresh air is visiting the nature and wildlife of Romania: The Carpathian Mountains, the largest intact ecosystem in Europe. The Carpathians Mountains range forms a huge arc around Transylvania in the centre of Romania. In fact, one third of the country is mountainous. Within this range are lots of places of natural beauty: mountains, gorges, fortified churches and old castles, forests, caves, wolves and bears. It is very easy to find a nice hiking trail. Romania has more than 400 natural parks and nature reservations protecting thousands of species of alpine flora and wildlife.
More than one third of all European wolves, bears, and lynx roam through the untouched forests of this undiscovered mountain range. For the ones who want to see this diamonds of the nature but they do not want to walk there are special designed nature and wildlife tours through Romania offered. The tourists will go with multilingual guides for an easy acces to the mountain and forest paths.
The Romanian Carpathians are home to the largest predator populations in Europe. And home to Dracula is his castle in Bran. Don't know wether we can call him a predator at any time... Although the area represents lots of small Saxonian villages, brown bears number approximately 5000. Even though more than two thirds of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains are not cultivated forests, this mountain range is still inhabited by many people and used for rural production, tourism, mushroom and berry picking. It is the only place where the large European carnivores live in fairly high densities and still are in close vicinity to the Romanian population. Some of the local tour operators guide you to see these animals in their natural wild habitat. Those tours are organized with ecologic specialists who maintain and ensure the travelers comfortable feeling.
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Transylvania is the best known and legendary region of Romania and it is also home to many medieval towns in Europe, some of them relating to the legend of Dracula. Discover this old region and the castle of Dracula in Bran near Brasov. Guides will take you to the most important places with Vlad Tepes, The Impaler. Don’t miss the tours to Bran Castle, the living place of Vlad the Impaler – Sighisoara and overnight at old hotels near the big castles in Romania. Your next holidays in Romania
We will lead you to a short tour of the medieval center of Brasov. This city is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. During the earlier times it was known as a fortress surrounded by high mountains and defended by former Romanian people. The buildings and the churches in the historical city still preserve a medieval note.
The Carpathian Mountains