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Founded in 1960, STRUBL is Europe’s leading provider of plastic films and parts transfer products and services. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has a solid clientele base that includes producers as well as OEM, and many companies worldwide.
packaging machine 1 Working with own plastic films, we have leveraged the experience to develop a custom-made family of extruded and laminated films with engineered coatings to provide high quality that is unmatched. We also produce cleanroom packaging and have solid pack out stats in the German packaging industry. We offer a complete design to produce your custom packaging designs.
packaging machine 2 If you are looking for a worldwide leader in automated bag packaging or films you have found it. Since 1960, STRUBL has been the trusted vendor for films and bags serving the automotive industry in Europe. Our bag packaging is certified and offers all design capabilities as well as a full colour program management capacity. Allow our state of the art operation and facility to fullfill your packaging requirements.
packaging machine 3 STRUBL is home of the family of custom extruded films that offers unmatched quality. Just ask any of our clients. At STRUBL quality is more than just the products and the services we offer – it is now our job and your commitment. We are committed to exceeding all quality and all service requirements of our customers in a very profitable and full integrated fashion.
STRUBL strives to continuously improve the quality systems and operations just to provide our customers with high quality products, quick deliveries and excellence in service to the best of ability.

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