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Debt recovery in Germany

Debt recovery in foreign countries is an important part of running an international business as it can seriously affect your cashflow when your customers or clients refuse to pay. Recovering international business debts in Germany can be time consuming and costly so having an on-site lawyer you can rely on to arrange your business debt recovery quickly and easily is an important consideration.
We understand how vital it is to get your invoices paid as fast as possible, so we have made it easy to instruct us. Once we are on the case we have dedicated and experienced staff and highly efficient processes in place, so we can take the strain off you and work towards a fast and efficient conclusion.
Our debt collection process starts with a letter, which is often all that is required to prompt the debtor to pay what is owed. If the debt is not paid, we call the debtor by phone. Later on we take the case to court action and if necessary a bailiff will attend the debtor's premises to recover the debt.
If you think that using a lawyer's service in Germany will be expensive then ask us via e-mail, and you will be surprised just how competitive our prices are.
Chasing debts in Germany can sometimes prove challenging. Our collections service is designed to achieve a quick solution by using our forensic skills and experience to negotiate payment with your debtor. It is a risk-free way of pursuing a debt - without incurring the cost, delay and inconvenience of issuing proceedings in a foreign court.
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