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We are a small company catering for small to medium size businesses.
"Computers can help you solve problems you wouldn't have without them." Sometimes actually true...

When conducting a business or making financial investments in Germany, it is imperative to retain a lawyer who is familiar with the German laws and regulations. There are lawyers in Germany who offer quick legal service to clients worldwide. When you seek help from a German lawyer, you will be represented by a professional attorney who speaks English and is trained and involved in the German legal system.
In Germany, a lawyer fills the roll of both attorney and solicitor. Most lawyers provide legal advice, represent clients in court, do debt collection for foreign creditors and help clients understand their rights in Germany as a foreigner with legal matters. Creditors from outside of Germany frequently need assistance of an English speaking lawyer with the legal issues that can arise from doing business in Germany, contracting with German enterprises, or becoming involved in financial affairs in Germany.
These matters include contract negotiations with companies or individuals, contract review in relation to contracts concluded in Germany or interpreted under German law and other problems with debtors or clients who are not willing to pay bills and invoices before the intervention of a debt collection agency. Getting help from an experienced lawyer in Hamburg/Germany is as easy as the legal System in Germany. There is no difference whether the proceedings are in local courts or higher courts, you just have to select the legal institution with jurisdiction concerning the particular type of claim.