The Carpathians in Romania




The Romanian Carpathians

Quite simply, the Romanian Carpathians are still the most unknown but most natural hiking destination in Europe.
We arrange guided walking and hiking tours in the Carpathians for over 15 years. Where else can you enjoy that kind of mountain scenery and never have to carry anything more than a light daypack. Even on narrow trails like footpaths, which we traverse at least every day, you can walk the whole year without a tent, sleeping bag, food or stove, knowing that our guesthouse in the mountains provides great meals, a hot shower, and a comfortable bed at the end of a long walk.
But in today’s ecology, where both vacation time and money are tight, you may prefer to spend your holiday time in the Carpathians on day hikes. You will be able to enjoy the mountain scenery, waterfalls, bears and wolves, and wildflowers during the day, and still be back in the village or on to your next destination before sunset.
There are lots of recommendations for the most magnificent tours in the Romanian Southern Carpathians. Most of them are not marked, hard to follow, but can be hiked in each direction. You’ll find them easily with our tour guides, and they will show you much more then you dreamed of. In most cases there is our minibus that picks you up at the end of a hiking tour. Most importantly you’ll find huts and some mountain restaurants along the way where hikers can get recharged with cheese, hot chocolate and a soup.
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Hiking in the Romanian Carpathians

Hikers enjoy the wild mountains during all months of the year, and every season offers its own special rewards. During summer, the absence of snow opens new ideas along Transylvanian hiking trails and small villages. Autumn provides a daily parade of wildflowers and mushrooms. In spring, walkers can seek out cool retreats among the forests and valleys or follow mountain paths to see the rural wildlife. Winter hikers have cold, dry air to sharpen the skis and a big palette of autumn colors to enjoy. There's nothing wrong with wandering in the woods of Transylvania or the valleys of Romania, but most of us need mountains in our environment. We still have a lot of hiking adventures to add to this collection. Like the one in the Brasov country involving a wolf and an European brown bear, and adventures involving rafting and bicycle tours.
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Carpathian hiking with a mountain bike