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At this time when many organisations are demanding more from their lawyers, they need to understand the German legal system. The lawyers in Germany can help you to work rapidly and efficiently and get more from your rights with the ability to collect open amounts and unpaid invoices and bills, without compromising on quality, freeing up time for the clients to have a full financial overview of the legal situation as well as the economic situation. Utilising and adapting collecting methods, such as individual debt collection and debt recovery in Germany by an agency, we can help you to redesign your trading function and create an international team that demonstrates real and high value to your debt collection agency in Germany.
Following an in-depth analysis of our legal department, we will provide you with quick solutions for your accounts receivable and debt recovery management in Germany that will allow you to deliver your goods to Germany and get the payments more efficiently and effectively. This might involve utilising legal solutions, or outsourcing the work from the creditor to another lawyer's office in Germany. We can help you with re-defining the value of your vendor – turning deals that are currently seen as high important and strategic into an usual business with the prosecution of debtors in Germany.
With our experience of business law, our answers for the collection of liabilities and claims management in Germany will be right for your international organization and not simply imposed from a standard court. Using the real European experience of our members, we can, together with our debt recovery lawyers, develop all processes at German courts that allow us to work effectively with the legal team. Together we will create legal systems and judicial tools that ensure the right work is going to the juridical expert team members whose success can then be measured and reported on.
We can help you to create a team of clients and debtors where your collection efforts are productive in the roles they are given and the law firms in Germany are seen as a part of a foreign company. Greater respect for your contractors and your clients, better quality outputs, reduced risk management and legal solutions based strategy – the lawyers in Germany can make a real difference to your legal demands.
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